CARE Study

What is the CARE Study about?

The overall purpose of this study is to better understand factors that contribute to people’s well-being. We are especially interested in three kinds of factors that we expect to be important:

  1. Social factors: how relationships can help during challenging times.
  2. Emotional factors: how people experience and manage their feelings.
  3. Cognitive factors: how people pay attention to events and feelings and how they make decisions

Why participate in this study?

  • Engage in interesting conversations with your partner
  • Help psychological researchers better understand what contributes to the quality of romantic relationships
  • Improve societal well-being.
  • You will receive up to $225 for your participation in the study
  • If you are an RPP participant, you can opt to receive up to 5 RPP credits and $135.
  • We will hold two drawings for $500 for those who complete all parts of the study (with 1/250 or better chance of winning, depending on enrollment).

What will you do as part of the study?

There are 4 parts to this study:

You will complete the entrance survey online.

You will come in with your partner for activities designed to measure factors that we believe are important to wellness and health.

You will complete two sets of brief 8-day  diaries online.

About 4 months after finishing your last diary entry, you will complete the exit survey online.